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Daily Trivia Quiz

Started by Recusant, October 30, 2019, 09:03:07 PM

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A long time ago, we had a new member whose purpose in joining was to advertise his own discussion board. It was called "The Dark Orb." He didn't get much response, though I did start visiting his site. Despite having previous experience running websites, he apparently wasn't able to mount an effective anti-spam system, and the "Dark Orb" succumbed to Russian spammers after a few years.

One of the members of the site started a daily trivia quiz on the Fun Trivia site. Initially about ten people participated, but over the years they stopped visiting, until there were only two left.

On occasion another member of the Fun Trivia site will play the quiz for a while, but mostly it's just the two playing. Points are awarded for speed and accuracy of answers, with a winner for each day, and an overall winner each month.

I've considered inviting members of HAF before, but I didn't want to do it in the middle of a month. This time I managed to remember before the new month begins, thus this thread.

The "Dark Orb Challenge" is a random sampling from other quizzes on the site, 10 questions per day. It's free to create an account.

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Oh dear, I'm tempted but I would suck at it! :lol:
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