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Child development

Started by Dave, May 12, 2018, 09:06:53 PM

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Seems that even very young children have even more observation and reasoning abilities than once thought. This prog is only 9 minutes long but packs a lot into that!

Baby Boffins
The Big Idea

Babies know little and learn slowly. Right? Not according to child psychologist Alison Gopnik. She has spent decades investigating the extraordinary talents and abilities of babies and young children. Her conclusion: they're much smarter than you might think.

Later: all that free development - then we send them to school to have their minds set in grooves that, incressingly in this country at least, constrains them, does not allow individual thought and development. Teachers were complaining today that creative and critical thinking is being discouraged, a new system for final school exams gives the kids an overall grade, just a number, that says nothing about their strengths, abilities or talents.
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I never thought that babies were dumb. I always thought kids were smarter than adults.
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