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Religiosity and violence

Started by Dave, January 15, 2018, 07:37:22 AM

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Something invoked my dormant interest in the effects of religion on society - think it was the pre-pope violence in Chile - so did an idle bit of browsing. Found this...

There was also a .pdf at this link that I found quite interesting, especially:

Despite the apparent role of Sunni and Shia sectarian violence in parts of the Middle East today, when reviewed globally, countries with high proportions of Sunni and Shia are not necessarily violent or plagued with conflict. What distinguishes Muslim-majority countries is differing
performance in the Pillars of Peace, a framework developed by IEP to assess the positive peace factors that create peaceful societies. Specifically, countries that have lower corruption, well-functioning government and better relations with neighbours are more peaceful regardless of the particular levels of Sunni and Shia.

This report acknowledges the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia that is a major feature of conflicts in the Middle East today, but highlights that Sunni and Shia conflicts are not inevitable.Although there are numerous religious divides, the paper focuses on the Sunni and Shia
divide due to the high profile it is currently receiving in the media.

I have my own reservations about some of that but have often wondered about "cultural" rather than "religious" influences - though the differentiation can be difficult. How much is due to "social evolution". The physical environment will be a factor in how a society develops in evolutionary terms, it may be simplistic to say "the harsher the environment the harsher the society (in the perceptiom of those "better off"") but that seems to gave some correlation. Asking if there are genetic factors involved is a very dangerous question!
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