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Started by Kekerusey, September 26, 2016, 09:01:12 PM

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In todays' world of political correctness it is difficult to refer to someone as fat when they clearly are (at 17.5 stone I know I am) and this has led to arguments even within my own family with one of them telling me not to fat shame and me taking the view that, even though I recognise there are often reasons why someone might be so, being fat is clearly not a good thing.

I saw a program on BBC iPlayer, "Obesity: The Post Mortem" which is quite fascinating.

If you're interested and in the UK then you may still be able to downlaod it, if not there is a shorter version here on YouTube:

Link contains explicit human dissection.


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I lost 2 stone last year, mainly due to a low residue, carb restricted diet needed because of an extremely painful condition in the lower regions. Actually I lost it in less than three months.

At 5ft 3in and 12 stone I was a bit heavy, though I was still had a 34n waist that had not changed for 30 years. Down to about 10 stone now, just into the "normal" range for my height. Not quite a struggle to maintain. Now 32in waist.

With my heart condition and borderline diabetes it a case of balancing health against a love of rich food, ale and vino! Think,I have found a compromise, alternating "good" days with "naughty" ones! Friday will be naughty, already booked for a Chinese.

I have friends I am concerned about. One has trouble fitting in his car, seat far enough back for his belly and he has trouble reaching the controls. My next door neighbour is 52, 20 years younger than me,  very overweight and gets puffed coming up the stairs. I manage it with 12+kg of shopping without too much trouble,

Even ambulance crews and nurses do not seem to heed the advice. As for shopping in town . . . Acres of flab.

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Since I retired 4 yrs ago, I've discovered I've lost almost 100 lbs and I'm still losing.  The benefits of a stress-free life.  (btw, the reason I didn't know it till now was that I've never been good friends with the scale, and only became curious enough to step on it when I noticed that the curve of my cheeks had changed from out to in.)

I am totally opposed to making people feel bad for being fat, mainly because the chief reaction to feeling bad about being fat is eating more and that does nobody any good.  But on the other hand, I also get ticked off by the "fat is healthy" people because, no, it's not.  Now I'd agree that there's a lot of over-reaction to fat, and being 25 or even 50 lbs overweight isn't that big a deal if you're young, active and otherwise in good health.  But after that, you're pushing it and for people who are so fat they literally can't walk on their own any more to declare that's a healthy way to live is absurd and dangerous.  And yes, there are such people.

We don't all have to be twigs, and most of us couldn't even if we wanted to, but there are limits to how much weight the body can stand to carry and those of us who are fat need to be honest enough to admit that.  And those who aren't fat need to knock it off with the editorial comments because that is not helpful.



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