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Re: Could you befriend a paedophile?

Started by MusicLovingAtheist, December 21, 2014, 09:41:44 PM

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could I be friends with someone who wants to have sex with kids? sure, why not. could i be friends with someone who actually has had sex with a kid? there are definitely boundaries that I would have to put in place. I have seen documentaries about what kind of effects child abuse like that can have on children. it is an extremely cruel thing to do to a child. I think that if someone wants to do it but knows better than to harm an innocent child, then they are still a respectable and trustworthy person. I don't know how I could ever trust someone who would abuse a child.

reading that article, I guess there is a new question. would I volunteer to be a sex offender's friend for charity? fuck no, i hate volunteering, and I hate helping others. especially not having to go and sit next to a sex offender. that sounds like it would make me very depressed and uncomfortable.