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... And you can SPELL!

Started by Promethium147, December 22, 2007, 07:32:23 PM

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Without language where might we be?Perhaps a silent contemplative species quietly meditating on the mysteries of the Universe,expressing the marvels of the Big Bang theory through strange and poignant hand gestures...
In order to protect yourself from all the Voodoo Shamans of the Christian church,I think that you would need the Starship Enterprise...
Promethium is a radioactive element atomic number 61,is there any reason why you chose this as part of your name?


Hah!  Children of an Angry God - I like that.  Now that I'm out, it all so blatantly fictional!  I know that I stuck in there so long because I was so desperate for love and acceptance.  Since God is imaginary, it never happened, and I was forced to start taking responsibility for myself.  I love my life now - fancy that.

Still a little hesitant to talk about atheism, but I'm getting there.  Glad to meet you - we need more militant atheists!
Anyone who can worship a trinity and insist that his religion is a monotheism can believe anything ... just give him time to rationalize it.
-- Robert A Heinlein, from Job: A Comedy of Justice


Ah, 147Pm is the third, least stable common isotope of Promethium (it actually has 36 radioisotopes.)

Thus it is relatively unstable, Mercurial - or, Promethean.

Prometheus is actually the creator of Man in Greek mythology, but instead of breathing life, he sacrificed a piece of his own mind to us. He is the God of Forethought, or intellect.

He is also the Morning Star (now called Venus), the early Latin form is Lucifer, and OHH Yes - Jesus proudly claims to be Lucifer, and Paul backs him up - but really, Jesus is clearly Dionysus for the most part.

I'm endlessly amused by the concoctions of Christian Mythology, and how it has tried to suppress every rational Grecian urge since it came along.


I'm just going to ask this out of the blue:  you're not Captivated from the boards, are you?  Your writing style is extremely similar to his (although I don't ever remember him saying he was an atheist).  Granted, a similar writing style doesn't necessarily mean you are one and the same person, but I just thought I'd ask.

Whether you are or aren't, hi there!

"Down in the hall, embedded in walls, hear them screaming.  Stashed in a bar, a brain in a jar, no one sees them.  Sucking them blind and draining their minds, hear them screaming.  Stas

Smarmy Of One

"I think I will invest in a Houseboat - with 16 inch guns.

Then again - a laptop is awfully cheap."


Good to meet you.


Wow... I really had to put on my thinking touque for that one, my friend.  I love a good read!  I, too, have been all over the web, lurking and occasionally posting on other atheist forums, and have found this one to be far and away the best one on the net.  Well-thought and well-spoken, these folks are.

Welcome to the forums!
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