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(different) coming out story. :)

Started by Hector Valdez, May 01, 2012, 05:09:08 AM

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Hector Valdez

The Confrontation

I came out to my mother as an Atheist, and she took it surprisingly well. So well, in fact, that she insisted I would come around to see God, and that all I needed was to learn to "love". Then, she enlisted the support of my Tia margot, who eagerly provided backup ammunition. She nodded her head in agreement as we walked by the side of the house. The lush grass cackled in the wind, and all the leaves of the trees danced for us to see. I wanted to stay out there forever, underneath the trees in the cold wind, but the endless flapping of Margot's gums just made me want to brush my teeth.

My priest, too, nodded solemnly with me, but not out of contempt. "You will find your place, whether it be here or there." He said. "You will find your place." Father is a thin old man with long white hair. He personally oversaw the buldozing of the large oaks behind the chruch, so as to build basketball courts and a playground. He sports a grizzled beard, sprouting over his chin. I'm taller and larger than he, and at the time, in the confesional with the purple robes and hand-stitched gold thread trimmings, I could still see him as the trained killer he was in the Army, back in the days of 'Nam. I smelled purfume, sweet, like burning incense. The sun was falling low, and it's rays dripped through the stained glass like warm, colored wax. I shifted my feet and politely excused myself.

It is strange, how, when I get a chance, I still sit in the back pew of Mt.Mudgorie. I like to taste the silence--the silence--and salt tears, on my tongue. I sit, made of rock, in the pew, until at length the oak beams to the left slide open, and Father emerges, bedecked in modest splendour and quiet grace. He moves to the back of the church, regarding me, and yet not regarding me, so as to open the doors for his flock.

I excuse myself before the masses. Stares approach my back. They are curious, and I am gone--gone to them forever.

Hector Valdez

Hmm... I probably could have titled this differently. (original title was almost an exact duplicate of another, popular thread. Oops.)