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Will I automatically be subscribed to posts that I've responded to?

Started by AnefIsEnuf, January 26, 2012, 04:41:46 AM

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Or do I need to manually subscribe?
I'd like to see replies to anything that I post to, but I'm not sure how the forum works. (Sorry if I missed this, somewhere.)

ETA: I see now that it does automatically send you notice to anything you reply to, not only your own threads... but apparently you can not delete posts?


To make sure that you're receiving e-mail notification of replies to threads that you've contributed to, go to "Profile" (can be found on the menu bar that hangs out below the page header) -> "Modify Profile" -> "Notifications and Email" and tick the appropriate boxes there. People who don't want to receive e-mail notification will find the same location useful.

We prefer that people do not delete their posts here, mainly because it tends to destroy the flow of the conversation for those reading the thread. Also, once you've started a thread, it isn't possible for anybody but admins/mods to delete the whole thread. That generally isn't done here except for extreme trolls (I'm thinking of one in particular) and spammers. You asked a good question, so even if you don't need the answer, others may benefit from seeing the thread. 
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To make the mod answer a bit shorter, you have to request e-mail notifications manually.

Click "Notify" to recieve automatic notifications on replies for a given topic (The button is located in the upper/lower right nav menu)

For general settings, go to Profile>Notifications and E-mails
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One of my favorite sites to frequent did not have the option to delete posts, either, so it isn't a problem... just trying to maneuver my way around here, learn how things work. Thanks very much!


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There is also the "Show new replies to your posts." link at the top.  That is my preference because I don't want my inbox filling up.


Quote from: Whitney on January 26, 2012, 03:30:29 PM
There is also the "Show new replies to your posts." link at the top.  That is my preference because I don't want my inbox filling up.
I think, so far, I'm inclined to agree with you.