Look, I haven't mentioned Zeus, Buddah, or some religion.

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Top 10 for Christians

Started by Whitney, July 07, 2006, 10:59:36 AM

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I like that last top ten. I had never seen it before. "Americans reject unnatural things"....very good! LOL!
I'll have to keep a copy of this list handy.
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Big Mac

You know, I rather like Magneto's philosophy of God (off of X-Men the movie): Why fear God? Wouldn't he be more of a benevolent teacher?

Honestly, if God is love, why would he send his children to suffer for eternity? No parent would ever wish for their child to endure ever lasting pain and suffering, wouldn't God who is greater than us all, want any different?  The reason kiddies: It's a scam to scare you into believing. Notice only extremist religions tend to have Hell? Jews don't have Hell, how many Jewish terrorists have you heard about? Not that many compared to Christian and Muslims. Extreme belief will bring out extreme people.
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?