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Theists: Guidelines for a smooth discussion

Started by Whitney, July 13, 2006, 12:19:35 PM

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The following is a short list of things theists tend to say which distract from the current discussion, are disrespectful, or are simply just annoying.  So, try not to do anything listed below if you are serious about discussing on this forum.  I think it is important to note here that not all of the following are necessarily against the rules, but it is favorable that you keep the "what not to do" list in mind when posting.

1) Tell them that since there isn't a god they might as well kill themselves now.

2) Tell them that since there isn't a god they might as well kill other people.

3) Tell them they don't believe because an evil power is controlling their lives.

4) Try to make your belief appear more truthful by typing in all-caps.

5) Tell them that they don't believe because something bad happened in their lives.

6) Tell them you know God exists because the Bible says so and that the Bible is true because God said so.

7) Insist that they really do believe in God but are afraid to admit it.

8) End your posts with "god loves you" or "I'll pray for you."

9) Argue that evolution isn't true by simply pointing to a site such as AnswersInGenesis.

10) Quote Psalm 14:1