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The Health and/or Diet Thread

Started by Sandra Craft, January 21, 2012, 08:20:41 AM

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Convict conditioning?  Is it for prisoners???


Quote from: Claireliontamer on May 09, 2016, 05:59:23 PM
Convict conditioning?  Is it for prisoners???

Not really from what I have read of that part of the book it is typical exercise marketing. It uses that to build the story but really they are strength training exercises that are compound rather than isolate and still the standard in gymnastics, martial arts, the military and many other sports that require full body training and a practical application.

It is just a selection different exercises with the target of hitting 6 very difficult exercises (one handed push up, pistol squat, one arm pull up, hanging leg raise, stand to stand bridge, and one handed handstand push up) that require not only strength but balance, endurance and flexibility. Rather than dropping you off at the standard points (squat, push up, pull up, handstand, leg raises, bridge) it starts you off from the most basic level but gives you a strict rules that require you to maintain control and technique with enough reps and sets that they go into endurance before you can move onto the next step, if you are still getting pain it is telling you to stay at that point even if you can hit the targets. I'm just glad about the weather as I have required a lot of cold compresses.
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Just reading my last few posts on this thread, I was so healthy back then.  Well the plant-based diet didn't really work out for me, I just found it too hard to stick to and too restrictive.  I am however trying to lose a few pounds at the moment, nothing major but just to get a bit healthier and have more energy.  I've been on the NHS plan for a couple of weeks now and lost 3lbs my first week but stayed the same the second week despite eating more or less the same thing as the first week!  My clothes are definitely looser already though so I'm not too disheartened by staying the same weight.

Anyone else want to join me on a summer health kick?