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Petition for Gay Rights

Started by Lizarda, November 27, 2011, 12:02:54 AM

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Hi Folks! :D

This is a petition regarding the Religiously Homophobic Nurse Lincy T. Pandithurai, a practitioner who who currently works at the Dallas VA Medical Centre....but maybe not for long as she recently discriminated against a Marine Veteran named Esther Garatie who happens to be a homosexual who was suffering from depression when she seeked advice from the VA Medical Centre. Nurse Pandithurai claimed to Garatie that the only reason she is depressed is because she's gay, on top of a 3 hour rant over her sexual orientation, telling her she must exept Jesus Christ into her heart. All this hassle despite Garatie's Service and Effort to her country.

It's why fascists like Nurse Lincy T. Pandithurai are NOT fit for a job such as this, it's already bad enough they have too many of these people working for the White House.

This is a petition signing to help have Nurse Lincy T. Pandithurai rightfully loose her job and help to make a change in society by making stories like NOTICEABLE to the public....

I shall look forward to the day The Gay Rights parade can dance around her in circles while she is on the street corner............ Its a nice thought anyway ;)

Here is the link;
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