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Who inspires you?

Started by Gawen, July 27, 2011, 12:06:23 PM

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List up to 5 people who have inspired (not just admired or respected) you in some way. May include fictional characters as well.

Christopher Hitchens
John Williams
James Horner
The essence of the mind is not in what it thinks, but how it thinks. Faith is the surrender of our mind; of reason and our skepticism to put all our trust or faith in someone or something that has no good evidence of itself. That is a sinister thing to me. Of all the supposed virtues, faith is not.
"When you fall, I will be there" - Floor


In no particular order.

Terry Pratchett
David Attenborough
Winston Churchill
The Warspite. Yes it's a battleship and it's exploites are truly inspiring.
My wife.
If religions were TV channels atheism is turning the TV off.
"Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt." ― Richard P. Feynman
'It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life.' - Terry Pratchett
Remember, your inability to grasp science is not a valid argument against it.


My girlfriend (who is the most patient person  on Earth. I dunno how she deals with me sometimes.)

Kiyoharu Mori (pretty much the founder of one of my fav genres of music: Visual kei.)

My dad (who is a very flawed theist, but he really tries to be there for me, and we do have a special bond.)

Law 35- "You got to go with what works." - Robin Lefler

Wiggum:"You have that much faith in me, Homer?"
Homer:"No! Faith is what you have in things that don't exist. Your awesomeness is real."

"I was thinking that perhaps this thing called God does not exist. Because He cannot save any one of us. No matter how we pray, He doesn't mend our wounds.


My father: He passed away when I was 11. I try to hold and live out the morals he taught me during those few fleeting years.

My mother: She's mentally ill. And her sheer joy of life inspires me to continue my creative curiosity.

Satan: He's just one bad ass mo fo who didn't take shit from anyone. And he did it with rock and roll flare if you ask me.  ;)

Anais Nin: Her personal way of writing moved me deeply. And her ability to write erotic sanz emotional content and more visceral male visual style was a refreshing breath of air. Her 'House of Incest' is a book that I enjoy reading out loud. As if her words were candied jewels to roll off my tongue.

Trent Reznor: His ability to do exactly what he wanted without compromise and still make it in the music industry is inspiring. His ability to look inside himself at all the truthful ugliness and put pen to paper is amazing. And his instrumental music has the ability to catch me as deep as any lyrical content.

Cats: All cats inspire me to continue to be my predatory self. To slither and sleuth through life always landing on my feet. To bare my fangs and claws when needed. To look upon a human and ask 'have you ever killed a bird?"  (a line from Tori Amos ) To always keep in contact with that free part of me that is not bound by humans. To puur when I want. To accept what it is in my nature to do.
She has the blood of reptile....just underneath her skin...