There is also the shroud of turin, which verifies Jesus in a new way than other evidences.

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Started by tigerlily46514, September 07, 2007, 09:17:50 PM

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Erica Hill on Primetime News is airing viewer emails tonight, on Sept 5th at 5pm, so it is almost too late, but the topic is Religion based issues, "do you have any comments/concerns" on these topics.  The ad stated this topic gets 500% more email returns than any other!
Anyway, they are discussing religion and it's impact in USA, again, and AGAIN--ZERO MENTION OF ATHEISM is made.  They were asking for viewers to email any concerns, gripes, questions, etc. about religion in America.

C'MON ALLYOU ATHEISTS, let them hear you! We ARE here!  WE have a lot to say on this topic!  For one thing, insist that atheists views be respectfully considered  and included while debating related topics.  Have a well spoken and knowledgable ( i nominate McQ!) ATHEIST on the panel!!!  HOw about laffable dream of separation of church and state?

They mention learning about and respecting various religious beliefs, how about learning about and respecting ATHEIST views????

You want to QUICKLY email Erica Hill, CNN Headline news, Primetime news.  I THINK the link above is the correct one.  I had a bit of trouble looking for a link on THIS topic...

If you read THIS too late--SEnd your thoughts anyway!!!!
This topic seems to recur every Friday....??  Apparently, it is wildly popular, generating passionate responses
"religious groups should stay out of politics-OR BE TAXED."

"Once you explain why you dismiss all other possible gods-- i'll explain why i dismiss your god."