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Jokes Thread (Was named Anyone know any good jokes ? I'll start :D )

Started by no_god_know_peace, November 10, 2011, 12:46:34 AM

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Central Florida is awash with tourist attractions........Disney, Seaworld, Universal studios,Legoland, etc. There are spinoffs with lesser appeal like Gator Land,Silver springs, Rainbow springs and a whole gaggle of others.

The whole idea is to separate the visitor from his/her/their money.  I am pleased to say that I have never visited any of those places except for one time many moons ago. I paid perfectly good money to visit Epcot which is part of the enormous Disney layout. My new bride (1987) wanted to piss a way some of my money at the "Experimental Prototype Community Of Tommorrow....thus EPCOT. Actually a collection of villages that reflected the customs and life styles of various countries across the globe.

There were only three things within the very numerous international villages that I really liked. The Japanese village had Taiko drummers.....Terrific!  Kraft Foods had a huge enclosed Hydroponic farm. A young woman Agronomist shepherded us through the facility and explained the hows and whys of such an operation..The last was the (Presumably authentic) British tea shoppe that served tea and scones and other delights. I pigged out there and enjoyed it thoroughly.   

Dark Lightning

I had gone to an assignment at Cape Canaveral in '01, and my wife took liberties with my work schedule and brought my teenage sons down there over spring break. Made it to EPCOT and damned near lost my job over taking time off during launch ops.  >:(  Made it to GatorLand with them on my own time, and that was actually a cool experience. Seeing that gator mouth open to walk into the place's entrance didn't provide much confidence, but it was actually OK.

The Magic Pudding..

If you suffer from cosmic vertigo, don't look.


Yes! Be proud of having been somewhat-badly created in The Asmo's image, people! :smilenod:
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