if there were no need for 'engineers from the quantum plenum' then we should not have any unanswered scientific questions.

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Invite to the second Ancestor's Trail

Started by orandj, February 18, 2011, 11:51:04 PM

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The Ancestor's Trail - Sunday the 29th May 2011.
Religious folks certainly know how to throw a party; festivals, ceremonies, feasts, sacrament, Hajj, Vesak, Bar Mitzvah and the list goes on....
But what if your beliefs are rather more down to earth? In 2010 a small group of Humanists ran our very first 'biological pilgrimage' on the Quantock hills in Somerset UK ~ a secular celebration of our shared origins, based on Richard Dawkins’ book the ‘Ancestor's Tale’.
Whilst our UK Trail is probably too far away for most folks on this site, the idea is spreading and has already made it across the Atlantic to Toronto where a Canadian Humanist Group are planning their own version.
However, the project is still at a very vulnerable stage. We have no external grant funding and everything is completely self financed. So far we are struggling to raise the funds for the speakers, musicians and festival facilities we need. All our fund raising depends on the success of a pitch on a website called Crowdfunder.
However, you don't have to attend to support the event. If you invest in the project we will send you a video of the acts and music that have taken place along the trail. So, if folks at the 'Happy Atheist Forum' wish to see the concept 'evolve' please visit this site: ... s-trail-72.
A little more about the event:
Our 'pilgrims' walk back 3.7 billion years along footpaths representing Darwin’s tree of life, re-uniting with our ancestors as they go. At the finish we throw a party for what has to be the most spectacularly belated birthday anniversary on earth!  
Along the trail people come across a range of scientific, philosophical and musical contributions, including Jonny Berliner (a science singer-songwriter), the British Humanist Association Choir, a blues band called the Treefrogs, Bob Churchill from the BHA in London, Steve Pinn with his birds of prey, and, at the trail end, a well deserved cup of 'primordial' soup!
The Trail also has a strong biodiversity theme and 2011 is our 'Year of the butterfly'. Walkers are encouraged to raise sponsorship (in £ per billion years walked!) for the Butterfly Conservation group.
Check out our website for more details.
Yours hopefully.

The Ancestor's Trail team.