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Started by khabrusely, February 11, 2011, 10:27:31 AM

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What should my topic question on Married life through out the ages be? I have to do a big essay on what i have learned this year ( 7th grade history ) i chose to do something on married life, IT HAS TO BE BIG ON AMERICA i mean not out side of t ( i thought about including something on Abigal and John Adams ) I need a topic question it can not be how has married life changed ? or has married life changed? cause both are answers are dUH! according to my teacher. the time period should go from 1600 to 2008 .

The Magic Pudding

Less/no children, wife isn't a husbands property, divorce is possible, wives don't have to stick around and be beaten, both parties earn income, role changes such as males caring for babies wives working.  If you go back to 1600 you'd be under English law with that weird shit where there were limits on females inheriting property.

QuoteIn the early 18th century, the English critic Daniel Defoe denounced marriage as "legalized prostitution." English law dispossessed any woman who married, with the notable exception of England's queens. Women were not allowed to own property or land or to control their own assets. William Blackstone, a celebrated 18th century jurist, put it this way: "By marriage, the very being or legal existence of a woman is suspended, or at least incorporated or consolidated into that of the husband, under whose wing, protection, or cover she performs everything." ... oryId=3650


The English to English Translator outputs this;

QuoteWhat should be my song for more than a year of marriage? I learned a great test of what I have chosen for this year (7th grade history), right on married life, should be high on the side of America, I do not want (I think including some of Abigail and John Adams) I can not If the objection to marry you changed your life? or modified in the married life? Questions, answers two Duh! according to my teacher. Washout period 1600-2008.

Which ones makes less sense? I can't decide.