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Started by InnateMorality, July 31, 2010, 08:13:45 AM

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Well it's nice to see an active forum.

I'm in my thirties now, and was raised Christian. I started to wake up in my late teens, but it took over a decade to become a true free thinker. While I was primarily either agnostic or atheist in my world view over that decade, it wasn't without a hint of guilt or shame which came from the childhood brain washing.  My family never even laid it on thick, and we didn't even go to church much.  I can't imagine the weight someone from a more strict upbringing must go through during the deconversion process.

Being a non believer wasn't really something I thought about much over that time, however once I did, I was able to steadily recover from the burden that is now completely gone.

I am looking forward to participate in the conversations here.


Hi InnateMorality

Glad to see you introduce yourself and join in. We seem to have so many people who just look in through the window when the door is right in front of them and wide open  :D


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