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My own experience

Started by faith_no_more, June 06, 2010, 10:48:05 AM

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As a kid,my mom always encouraged me to watch horror movies and even put on alien for my sister when she was really little and sat next to her and said:its not real.

And us now grown up kids are now atheists.

My mom says she was a christian before because her mom made her go to church and all that,but she says that she caught on that it really is full of empty lies.

I think this must be very good because she says that we ended up being very bright and knowledgeable adults.
In truth,sometimes i wonder why more parents don't do what me and my sisters went through.If they did,they would enjoy horror movies without taking it seriously.


I watched Alien with my son when he has 10 'ish because he asked to see it. He went to bed with a toy gun for a month afterwards  :rant:

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If religions were TV channels atheism is turning the TV off.
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My mom always tells me that at the very beginning is when a kid is most likely to absorb things like a sponge and best for teaching him languages and stuff.

It is also true that the media uses this to advantage to fill the kids head with pointless propaganda like:religion and political propaganda.

If this is true that a kid is more likely to absorb things more easily than a adult,then wouldn't it be best to find out what the kid likes and start showing him multiple choices in life and see what he/she likes the most?

A kid who is taught lovingly about music may end up having a passion for music and grow up to be a musician.

I kind of wish sometimes that parents took the time to give things that weren't empty propaganda and useless media into the kids head.


...Watched Terminator when I was about six, I think.And now I too am an atheist :idea:
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