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New Oprah Show

Started by Myron, May 25, 2010, 10:18:42 AM

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Hey guys I just entered Oprah’s competition for my own show. I have such a great concept that will add value to people’s lives. My show would be based on making people’s dreams come true, whether it be an experience, career or love. Check out my video and if you like the idea please vote for me!
My show will be fun filled and exciting while being productive. ... promo_id=1


Myron Katsapas


Been done. Decades ago, it was called 'Jim'll fix it!

This smells a little of

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I voted anyway, despite the spammy aroma. Mostly because all the other auditions linked on that page were total rubbish. Good luck, Myron, but please respect our boards by not spamming them.
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