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That was rude of me

Started by April, May 12, 2010, 06:27:37 PM

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Early on Mothers Day, my son's friend stops.  He was wanting to see if Issac (DS) wanted to go to church with his family.  I was still asleep so Issac asked my husband if he could go.  My husband said no because we were busy today.  Issac decided to wake me up to ask.  I responded with "No, only crazy people go to church".  LOL!  Oooops!  He went back and told his friend and his mom that I said he couldn't go because only crazy people are at church.  That was really rude of me, but I was half asleep when I said it.  

I was telling my Aunt and Uncle about this.  They have a boy my son's age and he is good friends with my son and the boy why invited my son to go to church.  I *think* that they are non-believers too.  They laughed about it and said that they agreed for their son to go to a VBS for a day last summer (they usually say he can't go).  At the VBS they asked who Jeremiah was.  Their DS got really excited and raised his hand (this was the ONLY question he knew the answer to).  The called on him and he said "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"  roflol .  They told him that he was wrong.  His dad said, no that was right and you don't have to go back.


Kids can really drop you in it can't they!
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That brought a nice smile to my face today and I needed a smile. lol