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Emoticon needs some work.

Started by mcm, January 08, 2010, 07:46:59 AM

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I wander why phpBB converts the first three letters of the word lollies to an emoticon like this lollies. I would have thought it would only do it if lol began and ended with a word boundary (i.e. \b in regex) not when it's part of a word.

Just thought I would mention it although it's easy to work around like ticking "Disable smilies" under options for the post or making it italic like above.


I think its how the smilies are set up, it doesn't do it on a phpBB board I'm associated with.  
How often does one use the word "lollies" anyway?   lol


The only way I can fix it from my end is to make it so lol never becomes a smilely and change it to :lol:

Do enough words start with lol to worry with it?


I actually dislike using emoticons and get anoyed when it changes my l o ls into a smiley. I deal with it because it's not that big a deal. Just my 2 cents.
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Oh I see, I wasn't sure how it was setup and if it used something like a regular expression in which case the fix would be easy. But it sounds like that part is taken care of by phpBB in which case you can't really fix it. So I wouldn't worry about it myself.