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Southern organization and alliance

Started by haxor, October 27, 2009, 02:51:04 AM

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For those in the Southern states of the U.S secular South a organization of individual atheist and atheist organizations has been founded to build a well organized social networking of groups and organizations that work together to support and promote the ideals of Atheism or other similar belief systems and support each other and protect against discrimination that is so common to atheist in the south. We will provide services for those groups and help new groups or organizations get started and direct those interested to a group near them or help them start a group in their area.

Just trying to help those wanting to get active and meet others and help educate.


For more info please go to:
or email:
Alabama League of Reason

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Does your group want to help sponsor/promote Camp Quest Texas?  Which existing groups have you already contacted?  I know how to contact pretty much any active group in Texas and am part of the DFWCoR.  Are you aware of SECULAR Center USA?  If not, you need to contact them because they'd make a great partner in your efforts.  Your group should send a represenative to the Texas Freethought Convention on Nov 14 in San Antonio.

edit:  I'm sending an email too.


Hello Whitney, we would be honored. I emailed you back.

Thanks again.
Alabama League of Reason

Submit your website or Blog into 140 search engines for free!

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Pretty crappy website. Most of the images look like they were obviously manipulated in paint and a few of your links are broken. I'd fix that before you "free the slaves".

I'll even do it if you need help.
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