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CAMP QUEST comes to Texas!!!

Started by Whitney, August 08, 2009, 10:49:20 PM

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The North Texas Church of Freethought is organizing starting a Camp Quest here in Texas!

The first Camp Quest activity will be a day camp at one of the member's farms:

Aug.30 9am-5pm
7422 County Road 466
Princeton, TX 75407
Ages 5-15
$25 per child

Amie Parsons 214-503-7384 director (will answer any questions; you can also ask me and I can forward her the question if I don't know the answer).

Scavenger hunt, make pottery on pottery wheel, science experiments, answer the ultimate challenge question! and much more!!!!!!

Parents from outside of the area could make this into a weekend trip and go see the sites around Fort Worth/Dallas while their kid is enjoying camp.  You can also volunteer to help out (background check required for volunteers).

A week long Camp Quest overnight camp is in the works as well; probably to be scheduled for some time next year (let me know if that would interest you so I can tell Amie).


Just a reminder that Camp Quest Texas is approaching.  (I also updated the information since I had the age range wrong..and added a link to their website).

If you feel like helping to support the camp, they have a pay pal link on their site and you can buy t-shirts (they look really cool).    Only 12 dollars each.  The order link is on the main page of the site. you might need to pay an additional amount for shipping since most will be picking up their shirt at the camp.

I went out to the camp site today, which is a farm.  Super fun...they have all sorts of animals.  I got to pet a baby kangaroo , kitten, pot belly pig, goat, bunny....and there were a lot of other cool animals.

Also, for those that live away from the DFW area but would like to send your kid to Camp Quest...if a week long camp were planned would that make it into something you'd send your kids to or would it still be too far?


If you live in DFW vicinity, turn to channel 11 at 10p for the evening news, they will be airing a segment on Camp Quest Texas.  I got to go out there today while they were filming.  If you aren't sure if you get the station, here is their website:  They also did segments on chan 21 for the 7:30p news.  I'll post video when someone gets it onto the internet.

They also made the news in a less favorable manner thanks to the one of the opinion writers at the Dallas Morning News: ... 6dccf.html



For those that wanted to know...Camp Quest Texas was a success.  Pictures will follow.  Read/Watch CBS Chan 11 and the Dallas Morning News tomorrow (aug 31st) for coverage (I don't know if I ended up in the vid/images or we'll see).  I'll post links to pictures etc when they are up.




Secular kids' camp in Collin County aims to provide questions, not answers ... a9712.html