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Thread Logos???

Started by hismikeness, August 26, 2009, 06:43:12 PM

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I've noticed that to the left of each thread are small logos, most of which are different. Some are circles with scrolling lines of text, others look like a lightbulb shape with scrolling text, some the text is static. I assume scrolling vs non scrolling indicates an active thread or one which is "dead" Some have a smiley next to them, some have a heart, some have an exclamation point, some are red, some are blue, etc.  I have tried to notice a pattern, and all I've come up with is the ones that are threads in which I have posted have an asterisk.

If this is a totally noob question, feel free to bust me off. I was just curious. Anyone in the know care to inform?

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Yes, they all mean something :)

TO explain posts that have a flames, star, media reel, hear, thought bubble, question mark, exclaimation point, info bubble, blushing, and smiley face:  Those are images the poster selects when posting.  I just made this one have an info bubble.

Scrolling text:  That indicates a hot which is very active.

Red:  unread

Blue:  normal/read

It's not a noob question, I'm sure others were wondering what it all means too.