if there were no need for 'engineers from the quantum plenum' then we should not have any unanswered scientific questions.

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Found This on youtube and I thought I'd share

Started by Tanker, July 31, 2009, 12:48:40 PM

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I thought this was an interesting video. A tribe of people who are all complete atheists and live such happy healthy lives not only are they not converted by a missionry but they end up deconverting him. I haven't read the book but you can bet I will.
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(my spelling, grammer, and punctuation suck, I know, but regardless of how much I read they haven't improved much since grade school. It's actually a bit of a family joke.


Just picked the book up. :) Looks good. Thanks for sharing this.

edit: Looks like the pertinent part is the conclusion, about ten pages, wherein he talks about how the people he was trying to convert ended up being the last straw in his own doubt and subsequent deconversion. Still, interesting stuff.


Now I can be re-gognizod!