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Unicycling for Food (My Response to "Unicycle for Christ")

Started by Heretical Rants, July 10, 2009, 12:01:58 AM

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Heretical Rants

I thought I'd share the only post** I ever made about religion on my unicycle forum.  This is about BillyTheMountain listening to Jews count down from 1000***:

 What does food (or the nonexistence thereof) mean to you?

9/10 scientists prove most foodists do not actually believe in food.

What would Foodus do?

Does an afoodist really not believe in food, or just not food as an idol? Have they in fact been brainwashed to believe as they do?

What influences do you think there are on which food/foods we believe in?

And is it OK to get your opinion from Wikipedia?

Most importantly, do we really need more foodly artists of artly food???

QuoteSo you're one of those people that argue that, as the watch proves the watchmaker, life proves the food?
QuoteLife necessitates food. A watch necessitates a watchmaker. Sure, that's me.
QuoteIs the universe nothing but a giant watch, or is it more like a pastry?
QuoteThe universe would be, to use your comparisons, more like a watch than a pastry. A pastry...a pastry just doesn't know what I mean.
QuoteNot sure, but those nebulae look mighty tasty!
Quotenow I'm hungarian.

**OK, I lied.  I also created an account called Jesus.  Unfortunately, some joker made an account called Satan and got Mary Magdalen and myself banned.
Furthermore, my other account(representing my much less mature self) called hobo_chuck posted in several of BillyTheMountain's threads.
***BillyTheMountain created a plethora of religious threads under "Just Conversation."
This was a parody of the thread titles.