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Flat tire fixed and 4 1/2 step WA completed

Started by glintofpewter, July 08, 2009, 03:41:24 AM

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Well the flat tire on the "Holy land" tour bus has been repaired and I have completed the 4 and 1/2 Step Wingnuts Anonymous program. (The other 7 1/2 steps talk about g..)

Kylyssa - I bookmarked your atheistbitch blog and your squidoo pages. You are a gifted writer.

To all - donate to the Good without God, etc advertising campaigns. America needs them. Truly.

If I am tempted to say "Atheism is a re..rel." I will call my WA sponsor.

If I hear someone say "...those $#@! atheists ..." I will call them "superstitious bigoted hypocrites" in a nice Christian way.

Have fun
Take care
Let me just grab my suitcase.

[attachment=0:27ik8nci]bacon suitcase.jpg[/attachment:27ik8nci]


I thank you for your kind words but most of all, thank you for reading.