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Moral Relativism

Started by ProRealism, May 25, 2009, 03:01:19 AM

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You're back =).

Quote from: "daviddub"I think that using simply the information in this particular response of yours still doesn't approach whether or not there are any moral universals.  To say that people think... does not address whether or not there are moral universals.
It depends exactly what you mean by moral universals. There appear to be some ideas that are very widespread. Like not arbitrarily killing people. In other areas, like what is okay to eat, humanity is all over the place. There are some things not directly related to morality that might be universal to all "normal" humans. There are some physiological things like empathy and fear. There are some more philosophical things like people tend to do what they want to do, they want respect, etc. My hope is to be able to construct some kind of rational ethics from these universal things. That wouldn't make the ethics universal though. In fact it would probably only be known to and practiced by me!

If by moral universals you mean a morality that comes from a God, I don't believe that there is such a thing though I cannot prove it. I just think that based on the evidence we have, it seems extremely unlikely.

Quote from: "daviddub"But I do like the definition of philosophical nihilism, as it appears to be the only perspective consistent with materialistic worldview.
That's actually my signature! It wasn't intended as part of my response but I suppose it is relevant. I'm a reluctant nihilist. Some day I hope to find a more positive perspective. I'm leaning towards some kind of existentialism.
"I rebel -- therefore we exist." - Camus