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Holiday Cards

Started by MommaSquid, November 19, 2006, 08:32:34 PM

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I still send Christmas cards.  Every year I select a fairly secular card to express holiday greetings.   The card can have “Merry Christmas” printed on it, but cannot use words like blessing, God, Jesus, etc., and I won’t select one with images of churches, mangers, angels, etc.

This year, I ordered my cards from the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum Holiday Card Center.  Santa is getting ready to ride his motorcycle to deliver a sack of toys.  The message inside reads, “Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

It's the card on the left.

Will any of you be mailing holiday or Christmas cards to friends and family?  What criteria do you have for selecting cards?


I ususally get so busy with school that by the time I remember to send out cards it's too late for them to get anywhere in time.  I am thinking of sending them out this year and, if so, will be making my own.  Right now the design idea is to use images of real snowflakes.

Anyway, when I pick out cards I go for the funny ones or high quality design.  I keep the messages secular...usually just happy holidays.  I found one last year that said merry grinchmas.


I'm quite a lazy bastard, who hates to fill-out numerous cards. Normally I wish my family and friends a Happy New Year by phone or e-mail. I refuse to send any card that has a christian motif. Therefore if I do send some cards, I send Happy New Year cards right after christmas (we don't have Happy Holidays cards here in Europe).
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I send a "Happy Holidays" card to friends and family.  It's nice to keep up.  I tend to move a lot with my husband's career and the holidays is a "reminder" to touch base with friends we have made a long the way.

We still "celebrate Christmas" too, in the most secular and commercial way possible.  Sure, it's about friends and family to us and we try to play down the greed factor, but it's not a holiday we ignore, but we don't celebrate it from a religious perspective either.