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Happy Atheist Forum :: Shop

Started by Whitney, June 22, 2006, 09:37:21 AM

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I've started a cafe press shop for the forum. Right now most of the products are based around the IPU (before anyone asks, I checked the IPU site and it's ok to use the logo for commercial purposes as long as it promotes atheism). I'm going to add some designs that are more original later, but can't think of anything at the moment. The link:

Any suggestions for a design that would be related to atheism or this site would be appreciated, post them in this thread. All products are marked one dollar above the base cost and the profit will be used to help pay for hosting costs. There is one product that is listed at cost, it's labeled "value t-shirt" and is mainly a shirt meant to help advertise the site.

Just letting everyone know the store is there, no pressure to buy anything.


This reminds me of the little shop I had that I completely forgot about. I really need to update it with some new stuff and designs. Cool shop though. I'm just glad that they have more than just white shirts now.