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Literature and your favorite books.

Started by 4DeepThought2, December 06, 2008, 11:57:26 PM

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Quote from: "BadPoison"
Quote from: "McQ"
Quote from: "BadPoison"I was just checking out Dan Simmon's list of works - several of his looked interesting. I might pick up one at the library on my lunch break. McQ have you (or anyone else reading this thread) read anything else by him?

Funny thing is, I had never heard of him before I read that book. I came upon that book while looking for books to add to my Kindle2, on Amazon's site. Since I had just read, Who Goes There?, by John Campbell, and Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child, Amazon automatically recommended Terror. It had great reviews, and when I read a sample I thought, "Man, THIS is literature at its finest!"

I was not disappointed. Freaking great book!
I picked Terror up at the local library today (along with some Stephen Hawking.) I'm looking forward to diving in.
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