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Started by Court, August 01, 2006, 07:46:27 PM

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Quote from: "Big Mac"Eh, well you're letting him win if you get mad. Just ignore him, his time is running out when Laet gets back on.

You're lucky she's busy with school and stuff, onlyme, she's going to get rid of you, no doubt.

You know what?  I don't care.  I am now leaving this forum for the LAST time.  Laetus, please delete my information again.  I have no more to offer or to receive.  I give you my word as a Christian that I will never again sign in or post anything on this atheist forum.

And you call Christians exclusive?  

But remember my name. That is, if you want to.  Whether you are saved, in which case we will shake hands one day, or whether you are not, and you are suffering unquenchable torment.    

I told you.

Remember my name.  I came as a friend.  

But you atheists are willing to put up with anything except a born again Christian, who cares only for your soul (believe it or not)

You made your bed.  You will now lie in it, no doubt.


I'm not deleting your info are banned.

And don't play the persecution card, we do have another Christian on this forum and another theist.


Quote from: "laetusatheos"I'm not deleting you info are banned.

And the peasants cheered!   :party:   Hurray!!

PB&J for everyone!

Big Mac

Oh I am so scared of your merciful god. Because I didn't kiss his cosmic ass, I will suffer forever while some rapist/murderer/child molestor/violent thief who accepted Jesus on his death bed will enjoy eternal life. Talk about justice. There is no justice in the world, only what we make in it. My justice is measured in gauges and calibers, backed by the names of S&W, GLOCK, Kalashinov, and Colt. Pocket pistols for all, to all a good night. GLOCK bless us, everyone....
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?


Harboring delusions of spirits, afterlives et al. is still no excuse for being a jackass.