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'nother newbie for ya

Started by Wraitchel, October 25, 2008, 10:10:57 PM

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I've been an atheist for 21 years, half my life, but am just now fully out of the closet. I have to warn you that I still consider myself a recovering theist. I have a fairly unhealthy level of rage that tends to manifest in rude verbal outbursts when I hear christian catch phrases and worshipful strains as I blast through the dial on my car radio. I am seeking out secular company, in part, to try to work through my irrational rage at believers and at organized religion for the harm they do in our world. I believe I can restrain my outbursts while I'm here, and contribute to civil discussion.

I am an artist, a scientist, a nature lover, and a mother of three. I love a good glass of red wine, preferably French. I love a cold, briny-smelling beach on a cloudy Northwest day. I love to learn.

I'm looking for good books in the realm of secular philosophy. I love Carl Jung and Stephen Hawking for making a universe without a god more magical than any universe with one. What is your favorite book on the subject of ontology or some other topic of deepest import?


Welcome, Wraitchel! It's always great to have another newbie.  ;)

As for the books, I tend toward more educational-based philosophy. Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, for instance, or George Counts' Dare the School Build a New Social Order?. But, I guess I'm more of a Social Justice guy than an Ontology/Epistemology guy.

Still, welcome!


Another Northwesterner? I'm from eastern Washington. :)

Welcome to the boards!
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Hey, social justice is my favorite thing, and all too rare. BTW, I'm spending $8,000 a year to get my kids a socially conscious, intellectually stimulating education.  I just reserved Pedagogy of the Oppressed at my local library. Thanks!



Hi Wraitchel!  I can totally understand the rage... I've been out as an atheist for about 4 years now after suffering with the Agnostic label for 20 years.  And I STILL have the rage toward anything theistic.  Just reading People, one of my favorite magazines, brings on fits of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!" everytime someone credits GOD with their recovery, blessings, career, etc.  

(OH NOES!!!  I can't do any smilies!!!!!... insert head banging on wall here)

I came here to this very forum looking for secular company and I found it in spades.  The people here are quite well-read and able to string words together in nifty sentences that are understandable!  It's a novel concept in 21st century USA and we have it right here!!  :crazy:  <-- I had that one memorized!
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Not much for philosophy I'm afraid (I tend to think it's mostly self-serving bullsh**) but yeah, like you I consider myself to be recovering (ex-Catholic) and in some ways it's good to know that you (and others) feel the same irritation (often anger) at theism in its various ludicrous manifestations (the one that gets me is when somebody to whom something has happende is described by news media as "a good Christian", I mean why?).

Welcome to the fourm :)

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Hi wraitchel, welcome to the forum.  I don't have any advice on how to not feel so angry because there is good reason to feel that way.  Of course, being angry about religiuos stuff is going to put extra stress on yourself.  I have a "pick your battles" approach to getting upset over relgious claims.  If the crazy claim is tiny and non-hurtful, I use it for self amusement instead of getting angry.  If it's dangerous I try to provide that person with an alternative viewpoint, even if it means offering a differnt way for them to look at things while maintaining their religious framework.  But, that's just what I do...I'm not saying how I fell and approach religious people is the correct way or best for others.


Thanks for the kind welcomes. I'm happy to be among the intelligently, skeptically, gloriously irreverent. Now I have somewhere to turn when I can't get that freaky gun-toting megalomaniac barbie from Alaska out of my brain. :borg:




Quote from: "Wraitchel"freaky gun-toting megalomaniac barbie from Alaska
WOW!  :eek: You makes her sound HOT!

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Great galloping munitions, batman, that made me laugh! Thanks.