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Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard....

Started by Big Mac, August 12, 2006, 03:18:00 PM

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Quote from: "Squid"Ooooo...*drools a bit*....



Hurray!  I'm not alone in the drooling happiness department!   8)

Big Mac

I just got it about 20 minutes ago and have been playing with it. I bought a vietnam era bayonet to go on it and a box of S&B (the Czech stuff) 25 00 Buck to feed my baby. I'd like to see someone break into my apartment now! bwhahahaha! I made a mistake, it's an 8 shot, not a nine shot.
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Quote from: "Big Mac"I bought a vietnam era bayonet to go on it ...

Congrats on the new acquisition.

Big Mac

I'll take it then, just UPS it over to my place. It sucks that I have to wait until February to get a pistol. I'm not sure yet. It looks as though my option may be limited to either a Hi-Point (though that's not so bad) or a Makarov (though that's not a bad choice either).

I stand corrected again. It's 9 with Birdshot and 8 with buckshot. I didn't know there was a difference in size (marginal) in the two.
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I used to have a nice little Hi-Point compact 9.  I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised at how great it was.

Big Mac

I've heard that Hi-Points, though extremely cheap, are well made and quite comparable to Glocks. I'm thinking of getting a Hi-Point .45 ACP for my concealed carry. That or if I save up enough, a Springfield XD .45 ACP, they had 7 at my new Gun SHop that I peruse and when I came back to buy my shotgun, they had sold out of all of them and about 3 more. In fact he was ordering a few more when I got into the store. Not to mention it is Gun of the Year 2006 by....well I forgot which Gun mag but a prominent one. Though I have to admit, the price isn't too terrible for all the neat features of an XD. Way better than a Sig which is too expensive for my tastes and doesn't have an ultra-tough polymer frame and coating.
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?