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Could there be hope for streaming?

Started by Asmodean, November 02, 2023, 10:23:55 AM

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Recently, I've been testing a streaming/TV platform and thus gained access to Netflix again. I've had a subscription earlier which my mother used, but nothing for over half a year.

I must say that I was very positively surprised when I opened the app. It is, of course, quite possible that the platform has done some API voodoo in order to present a certain quality of content, but what I noticed was that for the first time since... Ever, I did not have to scroll through oceans of mostly-low-effort, mostly-woke garbage in order to find the gems.

I started watching a documentary-ish series about life on Earth, narrated by Morgan Freeman and thus far, it has not made a single attempt to shame or guilt me into some sort of fault for a falling sky. (Life on Our Planet. It's well-made. I recommend.) That series was close to the top of my recommendations.

I can't yet hand-to-heart recommend Netflix, but it makes me wonder; have they maybe learned from dwindling stock prices (over 600 in '21 and '22, followed by a low of under 200 - now slowly recovering) and fleeing customers - and if they did, could the rest of the streaming business have those same lessons in their future?

If any-one here has a standalone Netflix subscription, can you confirm or debunk that they have been getting better at promoting quality content?
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We have Netflix, Amazon Prime (by default not choice) and AppleTV+ (for a while as my wife bought a Mac). I won't be renewing the Apple TV+ as I've seen all I want to on it ie the high end SciFi and a couple of Tom Hanks films and Empire.

The way I see it is that I used to by DVD's quite regularly and thus if I enjoy a few hours of Netflix films and series it's Okay value for money.

I've recently watched The Fall of the House of Usher. It's a composite series based on the works of Edgar Alan Poe and it really was quite engrossing. I like anime and there is quite a lot of that on Netflix as well.
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