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Double Arm Transplant: 'It's Science Fiction'

Started by hermes2015, February 13, 2023, 05:03:33 AM

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Apologies if this is known to you guys, but I came across this incredible story this morning and thought I would share it here.

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I saw it.

It's really cool, but one has to wonder; arms are pretty huge parts of the body with multiple systems and what have you. Add the liver into the mix, and... Will the gentleman have to do imunosuppressive therapy for the rest of his life and fear getting coughed on just not to reject them?

I think when we get good at cloning such, that will be the next big revolution in transplant surgery.
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Transplants of any kind usually require imunosuppressive treatment for life. It just comes with the territory.
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That man is one lucky person. He is also the most courageous guys imaginable. 

He is also fortunate to be an Icelander. They have one of the better health care systems anywhere. And for sure give the French some big time credit. Whatever the motives, the outcome is miraculous.