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Is religion doing society a mischief?

Started by MarcusA, May 05, 2023, 06:22:30 AM

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Is religion just an excuse to make mischief? I think so.
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The devout believers in religion have no conscient intention of doing mischief. In fact they believe that it is their obligation, their sacred duty, to persuade or force others to believe in, and worship, their gods of their particular religious faith. That they have been beguiled should not mean that they are bad humans. Ignorant yes, bad not necessarily, except for the prosperity preachers who prey on the gullible flock.

I have tried to understand and lend some credence to their position but I have failed to do so. In fact I have revulsion.......for the good but vulnerable people that have been persuaded to "drink the Kool Aid". In another more serious fact, there is a well organized and powerful segment of my society who will convert my nation to a rigid theocracy if left unchecked.


Apparently their god is dead and still the religious run amok.
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