Minnesota (U.S.) art professor fired for showing art depicting Muhammad

Started by Anne D., January 21, 2023, 02:44:52 AM

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I think you'll find that Turkey stopping Sweden joining NATO was what caused the book burning. And Turkey has got the hump about Sweden because they were against Turkey joining the EU.
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Also, Sweden has been a bit of a safe harbor for Turkish separatists, terrorists and the like and yes, there is plenty of animosity to go around - to the point where I, for one, am uncertain of how a defencive military alliance including both parties could function, and yet the recent bout of "cold weather" was directly attributed to them pesky Swedes roasting Turkish holy cows - more-or-less literally speaking.

There was a unexplainable Qur'an fire in the Netherlands as well, from what I read - and there be protests in all them unsurprising places. People being injured in protests even.

...It's a book. On fire. Millions more where it came from. It's not like it was endangered or something.
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