if there were no need for 'engineers from the quantum plenum' then we should not have any unanswered scientific questions.

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Are You Dead?

Started by The Magic Pudding., November 12, 2022, 07:46:31 AM

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The Magic Pudding.

The scenario is modern medicine went away twenty years ago, I'm not sure why, a problem with latex gloves maybe.
None of the 20-21st century stuff is available.

I could probably leach or bleed you if your humours are out of balance.

So, no modern medicine for the last twenty years, are you dead?


Yes. I died of sepsis in April this year. Age 62. I may have died earlier from diabetes.
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"Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt." ― Richard P. Feynman
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Remember, your inability to grasp science is not a valid argument against it.

No one

No, I have crystals, chakras, and essential oils.

Old Seer

On what insights do you base this conclusion?The internet is replete with ads for old herbal medicines, remedies and methods.  :)
The only thing possible the world needs saving from are the ones running it.
Oh lord, save us from those wanting to save us.
I'm not a Theist.

Dark Lightning

'74, a ruptured appendix. I survived it but had two subsequent surgeries due to complications. Probably would have died at any of those three occurrences, without surgery.


A relatively robust constitution and some luck: maybe. The pandemic might have got me though, lacking social distancing, masks, and vaccines. Even otherwise very healthy people succumbed due to their genetic inheritance leaving them vulnerable to this coronavirus. It was a crapshoot.
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— H. L. Mencken


20 years...

I survived, though them two kidney stones, a shoulder and a back injury were far less pleasant.
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