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Started by billy rubin, July 08, 2022, 04:25:36 PM

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billy rubin

All 25 Republican members of the Ohio Senate were mailed envelopes full of feces on Thursday morning launching a federal investigation.

couldnt happen to a more deserving bunch of hypocrites

and how can you smile when your reasons for smiling are wrong?

Dark Lightning

I'm wondering if the offender was kind enough to provide forks.  ;D


Anyone care to psychoanalyze the hard-shell GOP people and/or the immovable Trumpists?  What the hell is it that makes legislators so narrow minded while being totally committed to rules that are so often impractical?



billy rubin

i dont k iw how they do the doublethink

and how can you smile when your reasons for smiling are wrong?


Here is stumble across item that could be part of the root problem. And this is isolated to only one of our states.  What makes me imagine that our political operatives might somehow be complicit?

Anne D.

No one

It was just the replacement brains, not sure why they are so upset.