if there were no need for 'engineers from the quantum plenum' then we should not have any unanswered scientific questions.

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Haven't done this in a while

Started by Wolfen, May 23, 2022, 12:07:43 AM

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I have been a member of two other atheist forums for some years, but recently I decided to branch out a bit. Heard of this forum and decided to see what was happening here.

As far as age is concerned, I'm over-the-hill. Not old, but I feel old sometimes. Okay, okay, I am forty-two.

I have identified as an atheist for at least half of my life. My views tend to be liberal leaning, though I don't always agree with everything presented on the left. I vote Democrat because I'm a rational human being.

Another big part of my identity is being gay. I have known that I was gay since I was a teenager, never been with a woman romantically or sexually, and I have been in a relationship with the same man for more than twenty years.

I reside in the sunshine state of Florida where I work in the healthcare field as a CNA. Yes, I did work through the pandemic; it wasn't easy. As far as I know, however, I've never had Covid.

As for hobbies, I'm mostly a gamer. Playstation platform, although I still haven't managed to get a PS5. Currently, I am replaying AC Valhalla for the, I think, fourth time.

I'm usually a huge fan of watching television and movies, Netflix mostly, but I've been taking a break from that. I did visit the movie theatre for the first time in years recently, saw the remake of Firestarter when it premiered. The boyfriend and I want to make a habit of going to the theatre on a regular basis.

As far as atheistic reading material is concerned, the biggest inspiration I have found is Robert Green Ingersoll. Sure, he is identified as "The Great Agnostic", but the quality of his works resonates so perfectly with atheism.

Well, I think that's it for now. I don't want to bore you with too long an introduction. Besides, if I'm going to be posting here, there will be plenty of time to get to know more about me.

billy rubin

42 is a significant number, bud, but it does not make you over the hill. ask me how i know.

you sound like a reasonable person. thats all it takes.


set the function, not the mechanism.


Welcome to the forum, Wolfen.

And welcome to the, been in a relationship with the same person for many, many years, club.

I agree with billy rubin --You sound like a reasonable person.

"I've had several "spiritual" or numinous experiences over the years, but never felt that they were the product of anything but the workings of my own mind in reaction to the universe." ~Recusant

Dark Lightning

Welcome! Are there brownie points for telling people about this forum?

Anne D.

Welcome  :) I started a biography of Robert Ingersoll a while back and keep meaning to circle back to it.


Welcome to our friendly forum, Wolfen. I am one of the out gays at HAF as well.
"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."
― Charles Eames


Hello and welcome to HAF, Wolfen. Good to see you, and thank you for your comprehensive intro. I hope that you enjoy your time reading and posting here.  :spagwelcome:
"Religion is fundamentally opposed to everything I hold in veneration — courage, clear thinking, honesty, fairness, and above all, love of the truth."
— H. L. Mencken


The universe never did make sense; I suspect it was built on government contract.
Robert A. Heinlein


Welcome to our happy forum Wolfen


Thank you all for the warm welcome.  :)


Welcome Wolfe. I think you will find the folks on here are decent and level headed. There may be exceptions! Hell for all I know I might be one of them!

Enjoy yourself.