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Weird, butt cool stuff.

Started by Biggus Dickus, February 19, 2022, 06:11:53 PM

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My state legislators and my governor (Florida) have their heads farther up their ass than the principal who fired the teacher. ^

Governor, DeSantis, endorses legislations, such as ...don't say gay...don't discuss racism.....don't read that book....don't wear masks.....don't get vaccines....and a few more MAGA hat absurdities.  I reckon that my state government is trying to outdo Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas for far right insanity. 


What's cool for butts is toilet paper
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Ah, but only if it's premium quality. The Asmo once bought one of them cheap bog rolls, and it was like wiping His Divine Self with sandpaper. Deeply unpleasant. :sadshake:

Only partly true story. He does buy them cheap-o recycled rolls on occasion, so far more than once, but they are like sandpaper.
Quote from: Ecurb Noselrub on July 25, 2013, 08:18:52 PM
In Asmo's grey lump,
wrath and dark clouds gather force.
Luxembourg trembles.

No one

There's nothing cooler than chilled butt plugs.