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Eddie Murphy

Started by Bebé Bruno, February 10, 2022, 03:08:34 PM

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Bebé Bruno

Just making a thread here to talk about Eddie. But can you keep up with Eddie Murphy in this song?:

Sorry, not sorry. Dave Chappelle is not the partygod.
Fuck you asshole and your wannabe alpha male bullshit.
I was only here because you said you were going, I'm gone.

No one

That guy was trained by Bruce Lee, he knows the quart of blood technique. You might want to be careful.


Despite that Eddie Murphy is wealthy from being a Hollywood sellout, he has got multitalented and multiskilled qualities in his personality. I am indifferent to his supporting Barack Obama and religious grifting, also known as continuing the cut-throat American empire. His charisma has successfully fooled the American masses. Just not me. But I do like "Shrek", "Shrek 2", "Mulan", and his comedy shows.