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Started by TheFightSong, February 06, 2022, 11:18:25 PM

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I'm just gonna say astrology is a joke on an intellectual level. I find people who believe in astrology don't carefully pay attention and don't carefully listen to people for knowing who they are. So, I personally would not trust a person who believes in astrology. Enough said on my end.

billy rubin

what about circadian rhythms?

set the function, not the mechanism.

Dark Lightning

Fuckin' cicadas, anyway.  :P

No one

A sudden emission from Uranus told me I'd find some negativity.

billy rubin


not circadian

you pagan


that isntas clear as i 8ntended

set the function, not the mechanism.


I think we have to be a little more circumspect. It's easy to come down on astrology, harder to note the part it played in the fact that we can even have these discussions on a rotating, oblate spheroid free-falling in space around a nuclear furnace, free from the constraints of a subsistence existence.

Sure, astrology is a bit silly, but it's survived notionally because it had utility. It's difficult for us to see that because we have modern astrophysics and general relativity, but astrology was as important to modern science as alchemy was. A huge amount of the systematisation of observation employed in astronomy originated in astronomy, in exactly the same way that the experimental methods developed in alchemy, particularly on a systemic level, underpin not just chemistry but the entirety of science. Indeed, alchemy was the source of the scientific method as we know it today.

Learning that it was wrong took a long time, and there's always a high degree of inertia in the way we think, not just as individuals but also as a society.

Also, we'd never have had Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment if it weren't for astrology, so it's not all bad.

There is no more formidable or insuperable barrier to knowledge than the certainty you already possess it.