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Boris Johnson

Started by Tank, February 05, 2022, 11:23:50 AM

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In the UK STOP signs are very rare and limited to blind junctions. All other junction have a priority road and traffic entering that road must 'give way' to the traffic on it but they don't have to stop if they can join safely. It would be interesting to see which style of junction is the safest.
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billy rubin


i was mostly on a bicycle back when i lived in britain. american bicycle traffic is brainless.

in america surface roads in built up areas that cross at right angles generally get either a stop sign on the minor road, or a four way stop if the roads carry similar traffic loads. where a minor road enters a major at an angle there may be either a stop or a yield sign.

even out in the country, intersections between equivalent minor roads are seldom uncontrolled these days. used to be there were no signs at all and you would simply yield to the driver on your right. or play chicken with them.

in built up areas with signal lights different jurisdictions will decide whether you can even turn into traffic on a red light. some require you to wait for the green before you can turn into the road in front of you. i generally wait unless there is at least a quarter mile of empty road, as i take both sides of the roads turning and am not very quick about it.

roundabouts are being built in america now, mostly in the middle of the country. we dont do them well-- there are often puzzling lane restrictions leading into and out of them and they are generally very small. theyre built with sloping berms and paved surfaces, which is important because my truck is around 70 feet long, so going around them i drag the the trailer right over the top.

set the function, not the mechanism.

Ecurb Noselrub

We have a round-about in our town and I like it. But I can see it being difficult for a big rig. 

billy rubin

theyre usually set up now so tractor trailers can drive over them. but the trailer does what it wants. you dont always have th eopportunity to be delicate.  i pulled a too-tight U-turn at a washington dc air force base a few years back, and dragged the trailer right across the flower beds in front of the guard shack. then i ran away.

set the function, not the mechanism.