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What would your ideal 'atheist' world look like?

Started by Tank, January 08, 2022, 10:51:42 AM

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I am an atheistic American in the U.S. Despite what non-Americans might think of Americans, I actually hate America. I want to renounce my American citizenship and permanently live in a specific European country instead. Because I do not support giving guns to people so easily. I do not support these dehumanizing prisons in America that abuse working class Americans for profit while ultra-wealthy tyrants stay unimprisoned and filthily wealthier than most people. I am disgusted by these sweatshops that most Americans financially support. I am disgusted by animal abuse in the meat and beauty industries that cause global warming from methane pollution. I am disgusted by the Americans financially supporting religions that promote misogyny, slavery, homophobia, anti-dogs, anti-art, anti-music, and rape. I am disgusted by these so-called feminists in America promoting sexual violence to females in the pornography industry. I am disgusted by the Americans who glorify gluttonous eating and drinking. I am disgusted by the Americans glorifying violence from brain-damaging sports and Hollywoodized shows. I am disgusted by the Americans normalizing broken education systems designed to dehumanize working class Americans for making ultra-wealthy elites exclusively wealthier than most people internationally. I am disgusted by the increasing wealth inequality, rising cost of living, decaying infrastructure, and decreased standard of living and quality of life in America while these pretentious Americans say America is still a great country while its civilization has already collapsed many decades ago while China's rulers become more powerful than America's rulers every year. China has higher I.Q's, updated infrastructure, healthier people, and increasing economic competition while America decays into a failed country that neglects working class Americans in favor of ultra-wealthy leeches. The reason why I would never live in China is because its government authorities ban V.P.N's and it has sweatshops that treat lower class citizens like disposable garbage while having dehumanizing social credit scores including no free press. I would rather live in a country that legally protects online privacy rights, free press, individualistic freethinking, and human rights without sweatshops. There are literally suicidal sweatshop workers in China because of how dehumanizing Chinese society is to benefit its rulers only. It is why refugees escaped China.

Otherwise, my ideal world would be very unrealistic. It would not have rape, pain, suffering, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, colorism, classism, countries, global warming, meat eaters, war, poverty, homelessness, mental health illnesses, physical health illnesses, hate, liars, cheaters, killers, con artists, darkness, hopelessness, sadists, masochists, sociopaths, psychopaths, religions, etc.

billy rubin

hi fightsong

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what about motorcycles?

would your ideal world have motorcycles?

set the function, not the mechanism.


Some conductors are tyrants. You should look into them.
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