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north korea

Started by billy rubin, October 13, 2021, 11:59:08 PM

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Quote from: Tank on October 16, 2021, 08:25:34 PM
Quote from: Dark Lightning on October 16, 2021, 08:13:29 PM
Anywhere from $.12 to $.40 per round, depending on quality. Here's a site that sells a lot of ammo. Can't ship to California, though.

I generally use CCI Mini-Mag 40 grain plated lead round nose, which is down to $.12 a round. I was buying it for $.09 a round, but it went way up. You can find it on page 5 at the url I posted. There are 6 pages of ammo listed. Only the stuff on the first page is available. Our local gun stores have empty shelves. That ammo is not available. Everybody started hoarding it starting with the 2016 election, and it got worse in 2020. I see online where people have upwards of 100k rounds of it, and bragging about it. That's a lot of money...and they're being pigs about it.

I followed the link and have undoubtedly flagged up on a watch list somewhere :)

Don't worry, your entries on that watch list were so numerous that the database crashed long ago.
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Quote from: Tank on October 16, 2021, 08:25:34 PM

I followed the link and have undoubtedly flagged up on a watch list somewhere :)

Nah, Midway is pretty tame. Check out, the ammo search engine. Things have leveled off as far as availability, and prices may come down over time but things were crazy last year. Finding ammo was like eBay sniping. You couldn't fill in your payment information fast enough some days where stocks of 100 boxes of fifty rounds would sell out in minutes. Bulk shipments of 1,000 rounds were priced higher than single boxes. Nobody had any on a shelf that they would sell if you weren't also buying a gun chambered in it. Lots of stores were selling guns chambered in cartridges that simply could not be bought, even online.

Even now things have skewed so far towards NATO cartridges and defensive rounds that some things are extremely difficult to get. Last year you couldn't find buckshot to feed a twelve gauge but today you can't find anything but buckshot, to the point that one retailer listed five different makes of buckshot in their fall waterfowl special.

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