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Started by Bad Penny II, August 17, 2021, 02:00:42 PM

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billy rubin

we have a very narrow window.

the taliban are still stewing about, surprised that they conquored afghanistan like this and trying to figureout what to do with it.

i support biden getting our military out, but i think it is more important to get the afghani interpreters, drivers, clerks, housemaids, and gardeners out before we leave.

when my sister lived in islamabad, her household had a cook, a house keeper, two drivers, a gardener, and two armed guards. seven people who worked for her household. it was expected that the foreigners would employ pakistanis as part of their responsibilities as wealthy diplomats in the country.

afghanistan is no differentt, and all these ordinary people are now at risk as collaborators. we need to get them out.

my county has a population density of 123 people per square mile. they can come here.

biden is on international notice now. if he suspends the ithdrawal deadline and concentrates on getting the peopl ein kabul and those still in-country out of afghanistan, he can neutralize the fallout for leaving afghanistan to the afghans. but he has to do better at getting them out. that means cranking up the evacuation while the taliban are still preoccupied with figuring out how the telephones work.

set the function, not the mechanism.


And there is the Brain Drain that is happening right now.  The intelligent and/or educated people are clamoring to get the hell out of Their country. 

The Taliban may very well subjugate the women, some of which are valuable assets to the orderly existence of their society. Sharia law, as the Taliban interpret it, is a recipe for continued mediocrity. Allah has cast a plague upon them..........and the Talibs do not appear to know it.


The Taliban will subjugate women. Women that will be treated like subhuman vessels for male children who grow up to be mentally corrupt and demonized men for the Taliban's misogynistic empire. All of this happens when middle eastern countries have had thousand-year long history of self-destructive and destructive thinking from Islamic influence. Which Islamic influence is why middle eastern countries continue to have anti-freethinking, low I.Q's, psychosis, mental health illnesses, wars, hatred, and outdated societies that are a joke on an intellectual level compared to developed countries such as Norway. The middle eastern citizens are closer to neanderthal behavior than Norwegians on average. Norwegians are more educated, mentally healthy, physically healthy, intellectually powerful, compassionate, and wealthy than middle easterners on average. Norwegians also have higher I.Q's than middle easterners on average. Norwegians are also happier than middle easterners on average. This is what happens when Scandinavians value education, thinking outside the box, mental health, physical health, intellect, compassion, wealth, and happiness higher than anti-freethinking, fearmongering, hate, greed, misogyny, killing ex-followers for rejecting Islam, rape, slavery, and warmongering. Some female refugees have escaped middle eastern countries due to mandatory military conscription in Israel, bombs in Palestine, rape in Syria, war in Iran, lack of legal protection for women in Afghanistan, etc. Some of those female refugees ended up going to Scandinavian countries such as Norway. Because there are females treated like forced sex slaves that get sold and bought to male Afghans. Some of these females forced into sex slavery unwillingly leave countries to be sent in Afghanistan. The females will never get justice when Islamic influence continues. That is why those female refugees stay in Scandinavian countries. Because they would rather have justice and self-respect than go back to neanderthal societies that misogynistically abuse them and keep them in the dark with fearmongering religion.

People are safer and respected in Scandinavian countries compared to middle eastern ones. I know because there are modest people in middle eastern countries now who are suffering since they never chose their country of birth. But they are hard to find considering tyrants influencing their citizens with mental health illnesses, warmongering, fearmongering, self-censorship, greed, misogyny, sex slavery, and abuse in middle eastern countries. The herd mentality is hard to break. Most females have a higher tendency to be part of the herd mentality because they are more physically vulnerable and depend on others more than males do on average. So, it is harder getting females to get away from their abusive herd when they are physically vulnerable.

Males are usually who build civilizations with male-dominated jobs while females typically do less hard work and take care of children on average historically. Females are usually more risk-averse when it comes to dangerous jobs that males typically do anyway. The danger that the men inevitably create has been extremely elevated in middle eastern countries. All of that tesosterone, rage, hate, abusive sex, misogyny, tendency towards violent behavior, corrupt thoughts, and so forth have psychologically corrupted the men in Afghanistan. They live in constant self-destruction and destruction with their toxic thinking and feelings. It is why some male refugees have escaped there to live a country where they can truly be free from toxic masculinity. So, I know not all men are pure evil.