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Way Underrated?

Started by Bad Penny II, June 08, 2021, 11:04:59 AM

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Bad Penny II

Quote from: billy rubin on June 07, 2021, 11:16:48 PM
way underrated

I here things described as underrated now and then.
Are they?  Billy's I Robot had plenty of attention in its time, it should have got the rating it deserved.
Is underrated the same as I think this should be more popular?
I think you could say Velvet Underground was underrated in the 1960s, Nick Drake while he lived, their popularity came later.
Maybe an act is overrated musically because they are good looking,
or musically underrated because they are good looking, like McCartney (cool dudes preferred John).
That guy's music is popular, but overrated because his fans are just air-heads, or pretentious buffoons,
or desperates wanting to be part of something  :-\

Take my advice, don't listen to me.


I would not consider myself a fan of anyone musically. I have a tendency critically review songs before getting emotionally attached to them. Which I have a hard time becoming emotionally attached to many songs in general despite me being an emotional singer that can play different musical instruments. But I would say John Lennon is exceptionally talented musically. He was definitely a protegé with his songwriting. "Imagine" and "Working Class Hero" are classic songs. Though, I would say his unconventional songs are underrated. An amount of his fans are airheads because of this retarded celebrity-worshipping culture that younger generations stupify themselves with like degenerates. It's a reason why I would never want to become another famous singer. Because people are stupid and creepy enough as it is that I don't want them annoying me like stupid simps who stalk me. I would rather live alone than have screaming imbeciles be my fans in a music auditorium. So, I feel sorry for John Lennon dealing with all of that fame if he wanted time away from screaming fans.

billy rubin

i missed this at the time

clearly i was drunk.

Given that most people struggle with legible handwriting already, the added complexity of cursive is an unnecessary burden. It is more practical and efficient to stick to standard print writing.

Dark Lightning

These guys were good. Not sure why they didn't get the acclaim they deserved. I've heard worse with more acclaim.